Click here to see "Sami... Come Back!"

Click here to see "Let's go..."

Click here to see "Any Key"

Click here to see "Bar Tour" (a "working", test render)

Click here to see "Virtual Philip"

Older versions of Win Media Player have problems with the videos. WinMedia Plyer 9+ is recommended. Mac OSX users need to use either Safari or Netscape for the videos to play properly. Downloading the videos to disk and playing locally will produce the best results (control/click "Download link to disk").

These are short movies based on phone messages recorded to
my computer's VoiceMail. Please wait for them to load fully
before attempting to play. They are in Quicktime format
and a DSL/Cable connections is recommended.

Click here to see Sophi talk. (5.3MB)

Click here to see Thom talk. (4.9MB)

Click here to see Ken talk. (1.5MB)



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